House Mouse Prevention and ControlHaving your home infested by house mice is something you won’t be happy about. A house mouse is a small black rodent that can easily slip through small openings and cracks to enter your home. Having lots of them inhabiting in your property can bring tremendous damage on your abode. The house mice can render chewing damage on your things. Apart from this, they can end up contaminating your food and they can bring about serious diseases to you and your family. Prevention and control of the house mice is, therefore, necessary. So, here are a few tips provided for you by Birmingham Mosquito Control and Rodent Control Company.

Maintain cleanliness in and around the home.
The house mice thrive in dirty surroundings. By keeping your home clean, you can prevent them from settling into your property. See to it that all your living spaces are always clean and free of trash. This sanitary attention most especially applies to home areas that are less frequented or have lots of stored items like your basement, attic and garage. Your backyard should also be regularly cleaned without any debris, piles of wood and fallen fruits around. Bear in mind that dirty and crowded surroundings make for nice breeding ground for a pair of house mice because they have a place to hide, rest and reproduce in great numbers. Make certain that they won’t have a cozy nest to live in and you can avoid having a house mice problem into your dwelling.

Eliminate openings that provide entrance to the house mouse.
Mouse-proofing various openings in and around your house is very important. As mentioned above, the house mouse can easily get through very tiny openings and cracks to gain entry into your home. Some of the most common entryways used by these pesky creatures are small openings near water pipes, electric lines, phone lines and other utilities so make sure to seal all these holes and cracks. All vents, doors and windows should also be covered by screens that are fitted snugly to avoid the rodents from slipping past the edges. Screens should also be made of durable material so that they are not gnawed and ripped open easily.

Adopt a cat to chase away the house mice.
An age old strategy to keep rodents away is to have a cat at home. Cats are natural predators to the house mice and they can help to chase and kill the rodents for you. Just take care to find the right cat breed that will work zealously to hunt the house mice because there are some cat breeds that are very lazy and may even fear getting close to the rodents.

Install traps and baits.
Putting in traps or baits is a good way to eliminate light infestation of house mice in your home. You can purchase wood traps, glue boards or poison baits to aid you in catching the mice. Care should be observed, though, when installing these units as you wouldn’t want your little kids or pets to come in contact with these hazardous devices. For safe house mice control, call your professional Birmingham Pest Control or Termites Control Birmingham AlĀ and get expert help.